Educate and promote, to the general public and private sectors, the importance of trees and the roles trees play in the health, beautification, and energy impact in our communities.


Pam Coughlin, Chair
Master Gardener

Kelly Bach
City of Sioux City

Joe Coughlin

Tom Elsen
Jolly Time Pop Corn Co.

Janet Flanagan
Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools

Jean Hansen
Sioux City Journal

Linda Kalin
Iowa Poison Control Center

Mary Koster
Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

Ron Peterson
Sioux City Journal

Mark Reinders
MidAmerican Energy

Laurie Taylor
Master Gardener



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We Need More Trees Where We Live

We Need More Trees Where We Live

We Need More Trees for Wildlife

Trees help make nature a part of our daily lives. Trees provide nesting sites for songbirds, and food and cover for a wide variety of wildlife.

We Need More Trees to Clean the Air

Trees help clean the air by catching airborne pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and small particulates.

We Need More Trees to Conserve Energy

Cities without trees are heat islands: 100 million additional mature trees in U.S. cities would save $2 billion per year in energy costs. The goal of the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA program is more trees throughout America's towns and cities.

We Need More Trees to Increase Property Values

- A windbreak can lower heating bills 10-20%.
- Many flowering trees also produce feed for wildlife.
- Street trees shade the concrete and help cool the entire neighborhood.
- Nut trees can be incorporated into windbreaks or some as shade trees.
- A backyard orchard lets you grow your own fruit.
- Shade trees planted east and west of your home can cut cooling costs 15-35%.